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Giggle Ribs
Free Adult Stuff Dot Com

(Peggy to man in the audience)
(man blushes)

(to entire audience)
Um, I love a man that blushes.
They're so cute.

It means that 
you can humiliate them 
into a relationship.

When the internet first came out,
people were excited by all 
the free adult stuff.

And me, not so much.
I don't know
Adult stuff from the adult stores don't interest me so much.  I do my adult shopping at "Big Five, Dick's Sports
 and Riteaid.

Princess Diana.
She had two kids, 
two boys and one is going to be
The King, and the other has red hair? Harry Red Head, right?

and he met that girl that was shopping for a Prince
and they married 
and so Harry "exceeded" 
from the thrown by making up stuff just for her and 
even though he was never going 
to be The King anyways?  
He wanted to anticipate her expectations.

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