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Giggle Ribs
"Stupid Stupefies Absolutely Stupid"
  You heard that...
 Corruption Corrupts Absolute? 
Stupid Stupefies Absolutely Stupid

I went to The Wal Mart
 and as I walk into the store, 
a bunch of people were
standing outside and a loud 
beep noise sound was blaring
from a handicapped electric chair.

I look inside to see if I needed 
to save anyone from a fire death

I saw a manager standing close by,
so, I ran in, making sure to stay
 close to the door in case 
I have to save myself
from a fire death and I asked her, 
"Is there an emergency?"

 She says, "nah, The electric chair
just ran out of juice.

I go to Vonsey Land.

Vonsey Land


It's a world of laughter and 
an amusement grocery store 
of high price fears.  

Just being blunt.

But, I like the pharmacy.
(shaky face and hand)
'They got drugs.'

Nah, I don't do no drugs
and I'm not so big 
without alcohol neither.  

​You guys know I'm straight and legal.
How many times I gotta confess?

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Every time a blond is born
another angel has no wings.

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