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Giggle Ribs
Only So Dumb
Are you a Religious Audience? 
 'Cause I have this theory 
about bald guys.

Oh, I love guys and their theories
so I came up with one of my own.

So, I start with 
a hypothesis that I am going to prove to you all right now.

Bald guys are sexy 

If I meet a bald guy at work,
I at least know he's got a job.

Bald dudes must be sexy.
  If a bald guy 
is such a turn off, 
how come we still have bald men?

  Wouldn't Evolution 
a taken care of that by now?

Did Hollywood teach you nothing?

People Always Ask Me  If I Am 
' A Natural Blond. '

What exactly are they asking?

Are they trying to find
My Bermuda Triangle
or something?

I was born in California.

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